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Daycare hearing screening services

Hearing screening is offered in daycares, CPEs and schools. A hearing screening is not a complete hearing evaluation but a way to identify if there is a problem that requires a full evaluation. It also allows us to verify the eardrums mobility and that the middle ear, cavity behind the eardrum, does not contain any fluid (sign of an ear infection).

Why should I offer this service?

Offering a hearing screening service will help prevent hearing loss, which can interfere with language and learning development. The earlier a hearing loss is identified, the sooner it can be corrected and the less impact it will have on children's development. 

This will also improve accessibility to services, as our audiologists will come to your facility. 

Be aware that even temporary hearing loss (such as that caused by ear infections) can have an impact on a child's speech development and in some cases even motor development. 

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