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Hearing evaluation (5 years old and older)

A complete hearing evaluation will identify if there’s any hearing loss, the nature and degree. During the consultation, a complete evaluation that includes a detailed case history as well as a tonal (audiogram), vocal and impedancemetry tests are done. 


Our services include the following interventions:

  • Recommendation of hearing aid(s) if needed.

  • Acquisition of assistive listening devices

  • RAMQ, CNESST (work related noise exposure), Veterans Affairs (adults who have done any type of military service) and SAAQ (acquisition/renewal of driving license) 

Note that we deal directly with third parties, such as CNESST, Veterans Affairs and Interim Federal Health Program

Consult an audiologist if you : 

  • Notice a sudden hearing loss (Emergency case : Medical intervention should be done as soon as possible)

  • History of work related noise exposure or noisy hobbies. 

  • Feeling that you can hear but can’t understand what’s being said ( lack of clarity)

  • Trouble hearing with background noise or in group settings.

  • Finding yourself frequently asking people to repeat themselves.

  • Turning the volume of the television/radio louder than those around you;

  • If you are experiencing tinnitus, a ringing, buzzing or any type of sound, in one or both ears.

  • For preventive measures from the age of 50 years old.

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